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 I have seen two UFO's

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PostSubject: I have seen two UFO's   6/19/2013, 6:28 pm

Me and my wife where traveling on Hwy 10 in Florida somewhere between Tallehassee and Live Oak.It was around 1am.I topped a little ridge and noticed some green lights way off ahead and to my right showing thru the woods.I thought how stange that someone would put green lights around a building.I thought it was some kind of large building showing thru the trees.As I moved further down the road we went down an incline in the road and the lights where then not visible because of the trees where thick along the road and we where lower down.We were starting to go around a large curve in the road when suddenly these green lights came from over the tree line just in front of us at about I would estimate 1000 ft. ahead.This object was moving very slowly accross in front of us at an angle and moving to our left.I was actually was driving under it as it intered the tree line on the left side and was looking directing under it.The road is a 4 lane with a median similar to I95.This thing was so close to the tops of the trees it looked like it was going to touch them.I was so low that it disapeared from view because the trees highth hide it as it moved accross them.I made no noise and had 6 green lights.It was so dark that I could not make out it shape and was wondering what kind of shape would have a light pattern like that.I could actually see the recessed rim of the lights.My wife said "that was strange" and I said "baby we just say a UFO".I was in the militarys transportation unit and lived on the fly way of the WPB airport for 22 years  with plane coming over our house all day and night.I found a picture of a flying disk from England and it has the same pattern and color of lights.I know now what I saw.I keep a picture of it on my PC.
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I have seen two UFO's
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